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TruRest Pre-order

TruRest Pre-order


TruRest Pre-order purchase price: $129 - limited time offer!

Be one of the first to receive TruRest and purchase this innovative product for a limited time introductory price of $129! This price will most likely go up once TruRest hits the retail market. Full refunds are always available upon request.

Hypnap offers a revolutionary solution to agonizing in-flight travel. Ergonomically designed, compact and portable, the TruRest is the first rest aid that is highly adjustable and fully supports the user’s body (both head and chest/torso) in a forward leaning position, eliminating muscle tension caused by sitting upright and facilitating deep rest and relaxation. TruRest also functions as a mobile device stand and includes an optional aromatherapy component.

We are working hard to launch TruRest and bring it to market. Our anticipated shipping date will be May of 2021. Thank you for choosing TruRest!