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Hypnap T-shirt


By purchasing this t-shirt you will help Hypnap get to the next stage in our mission to bring our amazing product TruRest to market. You will play a vital role in supporting a Boston based startup company and in bringing a new and innovative idea to life. 

Made of 100% cotton, not only will you feel comfy and cozy wearing your Hypnap t-shirt but you will be announcing your support of our startup company and your contribution to bringing TruRest to market. All that cachet and street cred packed into one t-shirt! Your t-shirt features our ultra cool logo on the front and on the back a thanks for your support. You'll want to wear your Hypnap t-shirt EVEYWHERE! To the gym, at a café, on an airplane, on a train, out for a stroll or anywhere you can use a boost of street cred and coolness. You can even use it to impress your date! 

Thank you for your support!!